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Bulk SMS API with a lot of flexibility for your business

Bulk SMS Gateway API gives corporate clients the ability to send mass SMS. You may send messages to tens of thousands of people, including clients, customers, workers, and business partners.

Our API is designed to work with your application uniquely. It can be simply integrated to work in any type of setting because of its high flexibility and robustness. Bulk SMS Gateway provides example code for all applications so that you can quickly and easily integrate our API. Our Bulk SMS API is now being used by several transactional applications with great success.

Bulk SMS Gateway gives developers a strong tool for integrating our dependable, secure, scalable, configurable, and efficient API. See what it’s capable of –

  • Allows you to send Bulk SMS from your website, application, or any other web-based system.
  • The Bulk Messaging Interface is simple to use, and the SMPP protocol is powerful.
  • Any network can send and receive two-way messages.
  • Tags are used to identify which messages belong to which chains.
  • Allowing the recipients to respond while providing you with a dedicated inbound number.
  • Detailed delivery reports with all of the necessary information.
  • API web Push Services to allow inbound communications to be sent in real-time.

Simply give us your specifications or call us directly to obtain the best Bulk SMS API Services from India’s most reputable service provider. Bulk SMS Gateway is always available to help you with your Bulk Messaging needs.

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